Creating Global Finds

Virtual Ticket Developer includes extensive searching features to help you and your users find and retrieve information stored in the system. These search routines are called "Finds" and may include virtually any field defined in the database. Administrators define Global Finds in the File Cabinet window of the Virtual Ticket Developer desktop app and are made available to users based on permissions.

Global Finds are both conceptually and practically related to other components of the Virtual Ticket Developer system in several important ways that you should be familiar with:

  • Global Finds can be created at the Folder Type and Document Type levels of the File Cabinet
  • Each Global Find is based on a Form that exists at the same Folder Type or Document Type level as the Global Find
  • Only database fields used in the Form on which the Global Find is based can be used in the Global Find for searching

This chapter describes the process of creating and managing Global Finds within the Virtual Ticket Developer system. While Global Finds can be distributed to non-administrative users, be aware that non-administrative users also have the ability to create and save their own finds in the system. These finds are called "Local Finds", "User Finds", or just "Finds". For information on user finds, please refer to the user guide section of the online help.

Note: If a Virtual Ticket Developer system is upgraded to include Digital Storage Manager (via Workgroups), DSM Finds will be relocated to a Storage Management Find category.


Creating Global Finds

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