Setting Up Notifications

Setting Up Notifications

Virtual Ticket provides a built-in notification feature that may be used to communicate information to users of the system. These notifications are generated based on specific events that occur in the system (for example, adding, updating, or deleting a record). Notification routines (the logic that determines when to generate a notification and to whom it should be sent) can only be defined by the Administrator user, though any user defined in the system may be the recipient of a notification.

Notification routines may be defined for any folder/document type in the system except for the Digital Resources folder type.


If a manager or supervisor changes the instructions or requirements for a job, a notification routine could be defined to notify the appropriate users of the change, ensuring that each one is presented with the most accurate and up-to-date information available for the job.

Note: Notifications based on the Digital Resources folder type are not permitted.

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