Email Notification Subsystem Diagram

The Email Notification subsystem of Approval Manager is designed to send emails automatically to users when certain events take place in the system. For email notifications to work, they must be configured by the Administrator. See "Email Notifications" for additional details.

The email subsystem is composed of the following components. Some of these components are part of the Approval Manager system, while others are external to the Approval Manager system but are included in the description of the email subsystem:

  • Email Message Queue: Part of Approval Manager. The Email Message Queue collects failed and some types of emails. This queue is processed by Approval Manager every minute. See "Email Message Queue" for additional information. Approval Manager will try to resend Failed email notifications 10 times before it will stop attempting to resend them.
  • Direct Emails: Approval Manager will try to send some types of email notifications immediately. These emails do not enter the Email Message Queue unless they fail to send, in which case they enter the email message queue with a status of Failed. See "Email Message Queue" and "Email Failure Warnings" for additional information.
  • SQL Server: Approval Manager uses a SQL Server Agent Job called MetaSQLMail to connect to a SMTP server and send Approval Manager email notifications.
  • SMTP Server: The SMTP Server is typically part of a Mail Transport Agent (MTA) used by your company for sending and relaying email. The SMTP Server is not part of either Approval Manager or SQL Server, though is required for Approval Manager email notifications to be sent. The SMTP Server is specified in the Email Notifications administrative page. See "Email Notifications" for additional information.
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