Email Message Queue

The Email Message Queue is a repository of emails generated by Approval Manager and waiting to be sent or that failed to send. Approval Manager attempts to send email in the Email Message Queue approximately every minute according to the following:

  • Approval Manager will attempt to send any email message in the queue with a status of "Pending".
  • Approval Manager will attempt to send any failed email message with an Attempt value less than 10 (each time Approval Manager attempts and fails to send a message, its Attempt value is incrimented by one).

It is important to know that some emails are sent immediately by Approval Manager, while others are sent only when the Email Message Queue is processed. Emails that are sent immediately are referred to as "On Demand Emails" and include password reset emails, new account emails, etc... Such emails do not appear in the Email Message Queue unless they fail to send. Emails that are queued are referred to as "Queued Emails" and include daily schedule emails, review status updates, etc.

Email Message Queue showing both Pending and Failed emails.

The Email Message Queue has several uses for the Administrator. Failed email messages can indicate improper configuration of the Email Settings, or other problems (outside the scope of Approval Manager) that prohibit Approval Manager from successfully sending email messages (for example, a stalled SMTP server). Furthermore, by storing failed email messages, the Administrator can resolve the underlying problem that prevented the emails from being sent and thereafter choose to resend failed messages (or delete them from the queue entirely without resending).

Email Message Queue Details

See detailed information on the Email Message Queue


Resending queued emails

Deleting queued emails

Displaying queued emails by status

Filtering queued emails

Reviewing queued emails

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