Email Notifications

Email Notifications are sent to Approval Manager users when an account in the system has been created for them and when a notification has been generated for them. When configuring Email Notifications, you will want to consider the following:

  • Email Notifications can only be sent if you have enabled the MetaSQLMail SQL Job and provided the address of your SMTP server.
  • The MetaSQLMail Job is a SQL Server Job that can be enabled and disabled from the Email Notifications Configuration page.
  • The MetaSQLMail Job can be used by other MetaCommunications Applications to send email.

Sender Information and Types of Email Notifications

As part of your configuration of Email Notifications, you will need to define the sender information for your emails. This information will appear to recipients of Email Notifications as the sender's name and email address. There are two types of Email Notifications for which you can define sender information:

  • Account Creation Email Notifications
  • Proofing Email Notifications

Account Creation Email Notifications are sent to new users when an account has been created for them. Since new users may have some initial questions, and their natural inclination will be to respond to the sender of the account creation notification, you may want to define the sender information for Account Creation Notifications for an email account that is actively monitored at your organization. This will give you an opportunity to respond to questions arising from new users.

For Proofing Email Notifications, you may want to employ a different strategy. These notifications are sent to users assigned to approval processes in Approval Manager. Because of the high volume of notifications that are sent, the fact that you want to use Approval Manager and not email to capture communication about proofs to be reviewed, and the fact that the Approval Manager system is unable to receive emails, you should indicate both the company name and "DO NOT REPLY" in the sender information for outgoing Proofing Email Notifications.


Defining Sender Information for Account Creation Email Notifications

Defining Sender Information for Proofing Notifications

Setting Autologin options for Email Notifications

Specifying the SMTP Server Address

Sending test emails

Starting and Stopping Email Notifications


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