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Monitoring Dashboard Worklists (Approval Manager 2012)
Once you've been added as a user to Approval Manager, you'll start monitoring your worklists from the Dashboard on the Active Proofs page. Approval Manager contains three worklists: Manage, Production, and Review. Depending on your permissions, you ...
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New Active Proofs Page Layout (Approval Manager 2012)
Introduction In Approval Manager 2012, the layout and design of the Active Proofs page has been changed to accommodate the new group proof option (read more here: Creating a Group Proof Creating a Group Proof) as well as make reviewing and navigating ...
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Notification Email Layout and Features (Approval Manager 2012)
Introduction The notification email has been updated with new features and a new layout style for Approval Manager 2012. The main goal of this update was to better guide the user in understanding and finding each item in the email notification. The new email is designed to be more ...
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