Monitoring Dashboard Worklists

Once you've been added as a user to Approval Manager, you'll start monitoring your worklists from the Dashboard on the Active Proofs page.

Approval Manager contains three worklists: Manage, Production, and Review. Depending on your permissions, you may see all of them or only a subset. Each worklist is explained below:

Manager Worklist

The Manager worklist shows the current proofs that you are assigned to manage.

Production Worklist

The Production worklist indicates proofs that are under review and for which you have been assigned a production role.

Review Worklist 

The Review worklist shows the proofs that you are expected to review.

Check in on your worklists from time to time to see if there is any work waiting for you. If you're managing a review process, check your Manage worklist to keep an eye on its progress.

If you aren't actively working in Approval Manager, it may be more effective for you to keep an eye on your email inbox. You'll receive both daily notifications if there is any work you are responsible for and immediate notifications when you have new responsibilities in the system and when others have completed their reviews.


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