Reference Chooser is an extension of [FitLayout]


  • takes either the name of a [References] item or a list of strings and creates a chooser
  • allows users to select multiple non-Object/Type items from a list
  • allows for filtering and searching inside of long lists
  • allows for adding custom items on the fly (disabled by default)


  • The control needs to be passed either a list of strings in an array or the name of the [References] item to reference.


Parameter Description Options Default
valueformat the format that the value will be in 'array', 'string', 'single_string' 'array'
chooserStyle the style of the chooser 'box' or 'line' 'box'
multipleSelection if the chooser should allow multiple values   true
allowAddItem if chooser should allow new items to be added to "other" list Boolean false
list the array of strings that should be used as the options in the chooser    
reference the name of the reference to find   ''
windowTitle the title of the window   if there is a reference given, default is the value of reference, or else 'Please Choose...'
inputStyle the style of the input field  
buttonStyle the style of the open chooser window button  
openWindowButtonLabel the label of the open chooser window button   '...'
inWindowSaveButtonLabel the label on the save button inside the chooser window   'Save'
joinString the string that should be used to join the list together (both shown in input field and saved to database)   ', '

Defining valueFormats

Different valueFormats can be defined with a number of handlers to be used within the control. By default, "array", "string", and "single_string" are defined.

  • string
    • Control bound to a string list separated by "joinString"
  • array
    • Control bound to an array of strings
  • single_string
    • Control bound to a single string value
    • multipleSelection is forced to "false"
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