EditableRepeater is extension of Repeater


  • See Repeater requirements
  • Bound model should be observableArray or observable with corresponding array methods attached to that observable itself
  • Additional requirements can be imposed by parameters, see parameters section for details


Parameter Type Description
needsItemModelLegacyMixin Boolean Enables/disables legacy item model repeater mixin. Calls of legacy mixin methods should be replaced with calls of [item model repeater mixin]. Default: true but will be replaced with false
appendEmptyLine Boolean Enables/disables automatic append of an empty line when last line is not empty anymore. Default: false. Requirements:
  • Every line view model should have isLineEmpty method.
  • Bound model should have createLine method that returns a new line view model that is not added to the model yet. When method is called, {} is passed as an argument for backward compatibility. Note that the method should be on model itself, not on array inside the model.
removeEmptyLines Boolean Enables/disables automatic removal of empty lines added by appendEmptyLine from data sent to server on save. Is applicable only when appendEmptyLine is true and only for auto appended lines. Default: true
alwaysReadOnly Boolean Enables/disables always read only mode. When flag is set to true, readOnly property of model is ignored and repeater is always in read only mode. Default: false. In read only mode:
  • Edit action items in menu of action popup/button are disabled.
  • Empty lines are not added, when appendEmptyLine is true.

Add standard action menu to your repeater

Place a button or a popup with ID action in your item template (the button's dataBind attribute should be empty).

Hide/show standard action menu's items

Customize/extend standard action menu

Replace standard action menu

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