The WorkflowTags control enables AWS Activity Tags to be applied as workflow flags to an entity's workflow.

For activities on the entity workflow:
Activities with tags that are checked are set to enabled.
Activities with tags that are unchecked are set to disabled.

This allows per-entity workflow configuration using a single workflow template.


NOTE: WorkflowTags requires a unique model binding to an object representing an entity and its associated project type

Model Binding in detail:

Property Description
type The Document Type name of the entity
name The name of the associated Project Type from which to load the Tags Configuration
tags An observable representing the entity's workflow's tags.
This is exposed on the entity via the property enabledWorkflowTags

The control uses name and type to asynchronously request the Project Type Tags Configuration for the entity's associated project type.

Example binding

Observable to bind as the model:

Binding for WorkflowTags control on form:

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