Old (project_dashboard 2.0.1123 and older)

Configuring what fields Text searches

When creating a new TypeDefinition the third argument is an array of fields to search for Text, the default search for dashboard widgets.

Configuring Exact Match For Strings

If a property in shownProperties is a string value it will not search for an exact match but will search for a partial match. If you want it to search an exact match an example is shown below:

Configuring a dropdown list for the search window

If you want a property to appear as a dropDown menu follow the examples below, inputData does not need to have the list spelled out it could be a list returned by a function or such:

A Dashboard Widget can have the ActivityFilter turned off by the following code in the client side class of your widget, merged in the args before super is called

Configuring a filter on the widget

If you want the results permanently filtered on the widget then set the permanentFilter property on widget:

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