A Batch Job Request creates multiple jobs that are attached to the Request.


To customize the jobs created through a Batch Job Request the BatchJobChooser can be customized to suite your purpose.


This grid shows the Jobs (or other type) that are connected to the Request.
By selecting the Job the Job Subform (specified in the [Request Intake Form#Request_Intake_Form]) will show the information associated with the selected job.

Currently the BatchJobChooser can have these options specified for customization

Observable Name Value Type Associated Action/Configuration
service NameSpace (object) This is expected to be a (Server-Side) Namespace that contains the function, newJob
windowViewModel ViewModel This is the view model used for the window to specify the information to be received for the new job
gridLineViewModel Line ViewModel The line view model used within the grids

An example of the service.newJob function

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