Required Fields for Folder Types

While the Database Family determines the predefined Folder Types that are available for importing data to, there are also required fields that must be used when importing data for predefined Folder Types.

Folder Type Required Fields
Cost Centers Cost Center Code, Name
Customers Customer Code, Name
Departments Department Code, Name
Jobs Customer Code, Job Name, Job Number
User-Defined ID Field, Description Field

In addition to the required fields for the predefined Folder Types listed above, any additional user-defined fields (except for thumbnail and file collector fields) can be imported into the database.

For user defined folder types, the ID and Description fields will appear in Bold, but may not be labeled to distinguish ID field from Description field. Instructions for determining the ID and Description field for a folder type are available in the Determining Folder Type ID and Description Fields for Existing Folder Types section of this guide.

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