Configuring Auto-Numbering

Note: Not all auto-numbering options depicted below will be available if you are not using a combined Job Manager and Approval Manager database.

Select Auto-Numbering on the Administration page. This will open the Auto-Numbering page.

1. Locate the Jobs group for which you want to configure auto-numbering.

2. Select the Enabled check-box to implement auto-numbering.


Select the* Allow Overrides checkbox if you would like to provide the ability for users to assign a number other than the automatically generated number.

Note: The Allow Overrides checkbox is only enabled if the Enabled checkbox is selected.

Optional: Type the Next Number you want to be automatically assigned in the Next Number field. This determines the next number that will be assigned when the Auto-Numbering feature is enabled.

Note: The Next Number field is only editable if the Enabled checkbox is selected.

Review your Auto-number settings.

Click Save ( ) when finished. Once you have saved settings in the Auto-numbering pages, you will not be able to revert to a previously saved Auto-numbering configuration.

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