Proofer File Type Associations

File type associations allow you to define what proofing applications will be used to view files based on the filetypes of uploaded files. You can assign one of four choices to any given file type:

Proofer Application Description
Spark! Open files in MetaCommunications Spark!. Additional configuration required for Balsamiq Mockups support (see below).
Acrobat Open files in the user's choice of Adobe Reader or Acrobat Standard/Professional (if installed).
Dalim DiALOGUE Open files in Dalim DiALOGUE. Additional configuration required (see below).
Native Filetypes associated with Native can be downloaded to the local user's file system and opened with whatever appropriate application the reviewer chooses.

Use Approval Manager's Proofer File Type Associations page to select which proofer to use for each file type. Options include MetaCommunications' Spark

If no proofer is defined for a file type, Approval Manager will attempt to open it in Spark! if possible. You may select an alternative default proofer by assigning a proofer to the "*" extension.

Configuring proofer File Type Associations

  1. Select Proofer File Type Associations in the Administration tab. This will open the Proofer File Type Associations page.
  2. Click Add ( ) to add a new file type association. A blank row will appear in the file type associations table.
  3. Type the file type extension in the Extension column of the new row.
  4. Type a description in the Description column of the new row.
  5. Select a proofer from the Proofer Application menu.
  6. Repeat this procedure for defining additional proofer file type associations.
  7. Click Save when finished.

Configuring Balsamiq Mockups Support

1. Install and register Balsamiq Mockups on the server that hosts Approval Manager. Make sure you install Balsamiq Mockups as a local user. Domain accounts are not currently supported by Approval Manager.

If you are logged in as a domain user and want to install Balsamiq as a local user, you can use the Windows runas command line utility to install it as a local user.

2. Run Balsamiq Mockups at least once as a local user (by logging in as a local user or using the Windows runas command line utility), making sure to register it and update Adobe Air if required.

Approval Manager does not support trial versions of Balsamiq.

3. In Approval Manager, configure Spark! as the proofer for the .bmml file type. A dialog message will appear.

You can read more about changing file type association by reading Proofer File Type Associations.

4. Click the configuration link. The Balsamiq Mockups Rendering Configuration window will open.

5. Follow the instructions, click Configure, and test the Balsamiq rendering.

From time to time Balsamiq mockups may stop rendering in Spark!. If this happens, try running Spark! on the server and see if Adobe Air needs updating.

Configuring Dalim DiALOGUE Support

Ensure your Dalim system is installed and working before configuring Approval Manager's integrated support for proofing.
  1. In Approval Manager, configure Dalim DiALOGUE as the proofer for the file types you want to proof in Dalim. A dialog message will appear beneath the Proofer File Type Associations list.
  2. Click the configuration link in the message. Instructions for completing the configuration will appear in a new window.


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