Changing the Default Native Proofer Open Mode


Spark! is the usually the best way to review and annotate a proof file, but sometimes you may want to use a native proofer program on your computer to handle your review and annotation process. You can specify this on the Preferences page so that all proof files open with a native proofer instead of Spark!.

For more information on native proofing, read The Native Proofer Reviewer's Handbook.

Change Native Proofer Open Mode to Native

1. Click on the Preferences link in the upper right-hand of Approval Manager window.

2. On the Preferences page, select Native from the drop-down menu in the Native Proofer Open Mode section under Application Behavior.

3. Select Save in the upper-right corner of the page when finished.

All your proof files will now automatically open to the Review page and the review process will be handle by the Review Assistant.

To learn more about the Review Assistant and Review page, read Handling Unsupported File Types in Approval Manager.
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