Creating Users

The Users, Groups, Permissions section of the Administration Tools page allows you to create new internal and collaborative users. When creating new users, you will need to enter their login ID, employee number, name, social security number, and password. Additional information also includes assigning each user a group.

Before creating new users, it will be helpful to refresh your memory on the two different types of users in Approval Manager:

  • Internal Users: Typically users who are part of your company, and who have less-restrictive access to Approval Manager and the information contained therein. The term "Internal users" does not refer to a location, as internal users may be inside or outside the corporate firewall.
  • Collaborative Users: Typically people outside of your organization who are invited to participate in your Approval Manager Approval Processes as Reviewers, Producers, or Managers. Collaborative users have a limited view of Approval Manager and the information contained therein.


Creating a New Internal User

Creating a New Collaborative User

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